Eyelash Extension

Premium Japanese Mink/Sable Eyelash Extensions.
Qualified & experienced eye designers including Japan Lash Association trainer grade.
All products are import from Japan and those have no animal tests.
Applying with sensitive glue, soft & light lashes on individual natural eye lashes.
No pain, No stinging, No itchiness, No damaging your own lashes, Comfortable and long lasting.
All  private room with comfortable bed.
Full set
If you are first time here, or passed more than 9 weeks from last visit, full set price will be applied.
※15% off if your last visit is less than 1 year.

Platinum Mink Single Lashes 
Applying one single extension on one your natural lash.
Each extensions can be visible like mascara look.
Last for 2-4 weeks.
Recommend if you like thick like you wear mascara , noticeable but still look natural.

Natural 70 pieces [35 pieces per eye] $169
Volume 130 pieces [65 pieces per eye]$229

Additional +10 pieces +$10 / 10 pieces       
Color Lash 10 pieces       +$10   Full +$30
Available from 12 different colors

Bottom lash  20 pieces $35     40 pieces $50

Sable Feather Volume Lashes 1D-4D
Applying 1-4 super fine single extensions on one your natural lash.
Very light and soft, fluffy look.Can hide your natural lashes gaps.
Last for 3-6 weeks
Recommend if you have fine, short lashes or like natural fluffy look.

*This is original technique application, so it's not damaging your natural lases. Not like too thick, too much glue old style volume lashes. You will not see tiny glue dots with this extensions.

Available range is

Light         70 points       35-140 pieces per eye     $179
Medium  100 points      50-200 pieces per eye    $239
Max           160 points      80-320 pieces  per eye   $359

Additional +10 points (10-40 pieces)  +$15/ 10points


1 week      $35                                                              
2 weeks     $55
3 weeks     $65        recommended 3-4 weeks       
4 weeks     $85
5 weeks     $105
6 weeks     $120
7 weeks     $140
8 weeks     $160

color extensions +$10

*Extra for Sable Feather Lashes   
 Light          +$10
 Medium    +$15     
 Max           +$20


 Other salon's lashQuick (up to 30 mins )
Full (inc lash cleansing ) 
 Our lashWith new full set
Removal only 

You can choose any design from following fig, 
or tell us which length, curl, thickness you'd like to have.

Available Range for Mink:
Thicness: 0.1mm~0.2mm / Length: 6mm-14mm / Curl: J, C, SC (CC) 

Colors:Black, Dark brown,Dark yellow, Yellow, Light Yellow, Blue, Green, Violet, Wine Red, Red, Pink

Available Range for Sable Feather:
Thicness: 0.07mm/ Length: 7mm-14mm / Curl: J, C, SC (CC) 
*each bunch amount will be consider on your natural lashes conditions.